Strengthen the Sanad

Ramadan 2018

We’re building something special for you - the first national Muslim organization rooted in the principles of Traditional Islam.  Imagine an organization that builds centers of excellence and beauty all across Canada for you to refresh your spirit in and energize your soul.  We already have four centers with their doors open for you – but need your help to strengthen them and grow the mission of this organization.


Your Zakat is our responsibility, that's why we go to great lengths to ensure it is managed in the most transparent and accountable manner. All Zakat donations are tracked and managed separately from our general donations. The money from Zakat is directed towards the needy in terms of counselling, teaching, social help, scholarships and much more. These services are Zakat eligible according to all four schools of thought.


Facilitate the learning of Islam through scholar visitations, tours, knowledge retreats and regular programming at our centers.


Beautiful places of worship that facilitate devotion to Allah Most High and love of the Blessed Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.


From personal counselling to outreach programs, we aim to provide spiritual support to those in our communities.

Help Your Sanad Become Financially Sustainable

Help us raise $250,000 this Ramadan so Sanad can continue to meet your spiritual needs and serve those around you with vital services. We need 500 donors to give $25/month and a 1000 donors to give $100 to achieve our goal. Please donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to make an impact.


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