Zidney Kids Quran Day Camp


DATES: Tuesday, July 2nd to Thursday, August ​22nd, 2019
TIME: 9am - noon (ages 4-7) and 12:30pm - 3:30pm (ages 8-12)
DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
TUITION: $​550 (or $85 per week)

The Zidney Ilma Quran Day Camp is designed to nurture and sustain your child's love for all things spiritual and introduce them to a sense of the sacred.
There are two parts to each day of learning: appreciation and memorization of Quran and engaging in outdoor group activities.


Hafez Anas Doukali, a graduate of Al-Azhar University, will be the Quran Teacher for this camp, and his role is to assist your children to recite and memorize Quran at a pace that is healthy and respectful of their capacities. Your children will gain from this experience a firm foundation of positive feelings about the Holy Word. The way we teach Quran is child-centred and ensures that children find joy in learning and do not feel pressured.

Ustadha Shehnaz Karim has a degree in education and teaches Islamic Studies; she will be teaching your children some of the basics of prayer and meditation.

Each day, children will spend time outside in the Rhoda Garden.  Zidney Ilma weekend school teachers will be part of the teaching staff and will offer a weekly session of storytelling, craft or singing activities.

Nurturing a positive association with the mosque and with religion in general is always the underlying aim of all of our children’s programs.