Our Team

Shehnaz Karim

National Executive Director

Shehnaz Karim has a Masters in Public Administration. She is one of the founding members of Sanad Collective, and has over 20 years experience in community and grassroots organizing. Her role as National Executive Director is to ensure that Sanad's mission is fulfilled across all branches and projects underway and to continue fostering healthy growth of the organization. 

Ahmad Luqman

Director of Finance

Ahmad has a Masters in Social Work, and has been doing community development and partnership building in Ottawa for more than 10 years. Ahmad is well-rooted in the Ottawa community. He grew up in Ottawa and has been involved in the Muslim community since high school. He has been part of the executive teams of the Muslim Youth of Ottawa and the Carleton MSA. Ahmad has also been a board member at a local non-profit and served on their strategic planning, HR, and finance committees. His current role with Sanad is to ensure financial oversight and building a more transparent and accountable organization.

Ruwayna Ghanem

Director of Programs

Attracted by the vision and the strength of the teachings at Sanad Collective, Ruwayna moved back to Canada from across the Atlantic in 2016. Since then, she loves travelling between cities to participate in as many different Sanad programs as possible. She has a background in design thinking and feels blessed to have an opportunity to apply these skills to such a diversity of purposeful projects. Relying on her experience and expertise, Ruwayna spearheads the Programs department to ensure the organization is delivering on its mission of providing spiritually vibrant and culturally relevant programming to its constituents and to the wider community.

Hiba Fadol

Director of Operations & HR

Sister Hiba Fadol has been working in the corporate world for more than a decade and has been an active member of the Sanad Collective family for several years. Her knowledge and experience are vital in helping Sanad develop its operations and team.

Hiba has been developing her skills as a project controls and management professional for over a decade.
Her knowledge base includes project management, systems & process improvement, and change management. She has lived in several cities across Canada, and currently resides in Ottawa.
Hiba is passionate about community service and engagement. She continues on this journey at Sanad Collective, with a focus on organisational growth and development.


The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They encourage and invite to that which is beautiful and good;

and discourage and warn against that which is harmful and immoral;

they uphold the prayer and give charity and serve God and His Messenger.

God encompases them with His Loving Care; and God is All-Powerful, Wise. 


Surat al-Tawba Chapter 9: Verse 71

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