Programming is the backbone of Sanad Collective's mission. We offer a wide range of programs for people of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds. Our programming is aligned with the three core pillars of Sanad Collective:

Seeking Wisdom

Provide our communities access to sound, authentic and relevant Islamic learning

Nurturing the Soul

Ensure our programming is providing the best forum for worshiping Allah Most High and drawing people close to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).

Sharing Compassion

Facilitate service to our communities through volunteerism, outreach and positive contributions.

Annual Retreats

Learning, Reconnecting, and Serenity

We hold annual retreats in English and French which are aimed at taking attendees out of the vortex of life and allowing them to connect with their spiritual-self. These retreats allow for an immense amount of spiritual up-lifting, learning, and forming bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. Our instructors at the retreats are some of the most well-known teachers of the Islamic sciences.

For more info: Lotus Blossom Retreat (English) | Retraite Floraison (French)

Weekly Circles Of Remembrance

Celebrations of Guidance

In Ottawa and Montreal, we gather regularly as a community to revive the sacred traditions of our ancestors. These weekly gatherings are a great way for believers to pass faith down to their children, and ideal for spiritual up-liftment and gathering with other believers who love Allah and His Beloved Messenger, may the peace of God continue to nourish his being and our connection to him.

For more info:
Rhoda Institute’s Celebration of Guidance (Ottawa)
Dar Al Muhajir’s Celebration of Guidance (Montreal)

Ramadan & Eid Programming

Daily learning, worship and iftar under the stars

Our Ramadan program has something for everyone, and is a time of daily gatherings of sharing and worship in which we communally reap the benefits of the most blessed month of the year. From early evening till fajr, programming in Ottawa and Montreal include classes, taraweeh and tahajjud prayers, daily potluck meals, special iftar and suhoor events, circle of faith gatherings, festivals, Eid movie night and of course a weekend full of Eid celebrations.
Join us in person in Ottawa or Montreal, or follow the classes live on Facebook!
For the full program, click here

Places of Worship

Rhoda Mosque and Dar Al Muhajir

The Rhoda Institute is also a place of prayer. Between learning activities, its doors remain open to those seeking a peaceful and calm space for prayer, reflection and meditation. In Montreal, Dar al Muhajir hosts weekly devotional gatherings and other special events. These sacred places provide opportunities for the learner to uplift and refine themself through sincere dedication, purification of the heart, development of moral integrity and the art of noble relationships, all within the supportive fellowship of community.
For more info: Rhoda Masjid (Ottawa) | Dar Al Muhajir (Montreal)

Rhoda Institute for Islamic Spiritual Learning

Classes, Conferences, Visiting Scholars, and Publications

The Rhoda Institute offers learning opportunities that connect us to the sacred heritage of humanity: the wisdom imparted by the Prophets and Sages since the beginning of time, and especially the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, may the peace of God continue to nourish his being and our connection to him, the Universal Teacher who encompassed this wisdom in perfection. At the Rhoda, you will experience holistic learning in which mind, spirit, and practice are balanced and developed concurrently. Here, you are invited to explore how to walk the spiritual path in a balanced manner, in your daily life. You are also invited to come just as you are, with your authentic self, and ask the questions you need answers for. The Rhoda is a safe space where all are welcome and encouraged.The Rhoda Institute offers courses in English, French and Arabic. Programs are held in Ottawa and Montreal and are live-streamed to an international audience. Recordings of past seasons of talks and programs are also organized in playlists available for ongoing viewing. The institute also publishes scholarly publications in print and digital form.

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Counseling & Chaplaincy

Holistic Guidance and Healing

Our counsellors help individuals, couples, and families. We use a holistic approach that integrates spiritual support with emotional and psychological healing. We also provide referrals to other available community services where necessary.We also offer on and off-site chaplaincy services in prisons, hospitals, and universities including support to ex-inmates as they re-enter society.

Head Quarters

1724 Montreal Rd
Ottawa, ON K1J 1J4